This month our curriculum theme has followed the unique interest of the
children in our community into the exciting discoveries of zoology. Knowing
what other living creatures share the planet with us is such an important
part of toddlerhood. We will be touching on the science behind animals
going over body parts and function, habitat, and nutrition. The goal of this
theme is to promote better awareness of the world around us and empathy
and love for all living creatures.

We will have two special visitors this month. Cashew Ms. Mary’s special
furry friend. Along with Ms. Cassidy’s friendly fish. It is one thing to hear
and see pictures of different animals and quite another to actually
experience an animal in person. We also will be continuing our daily nature
walks to see the cow and chickens next door!

We will be having a PJ Valentine’s Day party on the 14 th ! Decorating
cookies, dancing, and arts and crafts await! You are welcome to bring
valentines or treats. Each child will have a fabulously decorated mailbox for
you to drop them into in the morning.

This year has been an absolute blast so far and Ms. Cassidy and I are so
very thankful to be given the opportunity to educate and enrich your
toddler’s absorbent minds. If you ever have any concerns or questions Ms.
Mary is always available and would love to hear and help you in any way
possible. Together we are a tremendous toddler team of patience and