Sapphire morning snack calendar



Did you hear the news??! Tiny Painted Lady Caterpillars arrived in class on Thursday!  We started our discussion on metamorphosis, caterpillars changing into butterflies!  It will be exciting to observe them and as they grow and change, we will be preparing a special habitat for them.  Once they become butterflies, we will need to release them -  a morning field trip to the park will be planned toward the end of May.  I will keep you posted on date/ time as we see the butterflies ready to be released.

Between the crazy weather, we were able to get out and plant our sprouting seeds, along with the beautiful plants that everyone brought in, last Friday.  We were so thankful to have Liam’s Grandma, Sue.  The kids are checking their plants daily, seeing the sprouts growing bigger, checking for weeds, and making sure they are watered.  (no watering needed yet!! Thanks to the rain) 

Thank you for working with the kids at home on creating recycled creations!  It was fun to see all of the great items that the children brought in!! They keep checking everything for the recycle symbol and I hope that they have come away with a sense of caring for our Earth.
Sharing this month:  Picture of Mom and Child – please have your child draw a picture of mom and themselves, or bring in a photo that we can keep here at school.   We invite all moms to bring their child to school on Friday, May 12 and enjoy some yummy muffins with your child.  The children will be making something very special for Mom, so we hope you can all come!
Does your child have a summer birthday?  I would like to extend an invitation to celebrate your child’s birthday in class in the month of June.  Children can bring in a special treat to have with lunch, pictures of each year to show how they have grown, and parents are always welcomed to attend birthday circles.  Let me know if you’d like to talk and set up a date!

Ms. Amanda and I have observed many great leaps in the children's abilities these past few months!  I hope that they are sharing with you all of their “hard work” that they are doing.

Ms. Kat and Ms. Amanda