Happy Spring! We will begin our study of plants this month. We will begin with what a green plant needs to grow. Caring for our plants in class will be a lesson. Washing and watering plants will be an activity on our shelf. We will look at seeds and begin planting in our boxes outside of our classroom door. The parts of a plant will be studied along with what parts we eat from plants.

Our study of invertebrates has begun with insects. The life cycle of the butterfly will be observed as we watch caterpillars turn into butterflies! The discussion will turn to the many invertebrates that inhabit our oceans.

Our continent study this month is Europe. We will look at the many cultures, landmarks and foods that are found in Europe.

We have a field trip this month!! On Thursday the 13th we will be going to a children’s theater production of A Little Mermaid. In years past, we have attended the plays put on by these incredible performers and all have enjoyed the experience! We are so excited to go again! Be sure to turn in the permission slip.

On another note, we are missing our snack basket! Having our basket is a great reminder to families and children that their snack day is the next day. Please look around your house or car to see if it can be found and returned to our class.

Toys have been showing up at school in children’s pockets. Your child can bring in a toy when it is his or her share day. Please remind your children of this rule.

We are looking forward to a great month of exploration and learning!!!