Stepping Stones Montessori opened in 1990 with 13 students. Two years later the first Kindergarten class commenced. As those Kindergarten students moved on to first grade at local public schools, Stepping Stones launched a Before and After school program. Relationships with students and parents were able to continue as students entered new stages of life.

In 1995, Stepping Stones expanded to a second campus and the "yellow" school began.  Soon the main campus was remodeled to house all three programs.  The interest in Stepping Stones soon had us looking at a bigger building.  We moved to our current location in 2006. 

Presently, over 100 students are enrolled in academic programs and another 65+ students enrolled in the before/after school program. In January of 2016 we opened a toddler class and plan to extend to a infant program as well.

As education evolves, parents and teachers find the Montessori Method critical to their student’s success. In 2015, Stepping Stones opened its first Kindergarten through 3rd grade academic program. This class filled quickly, and we anticipate the need for a 3rd through 5th grade program in the future.

Our dreams include offering both primary and secondary Montessori education to as many families who want to take advantage of the opportunity as possible. While we currently offer a Spanish component to full time programs, we would love to have a complete language immersion program that creates a foundation for students who will one day be bi-lingual.