full time primary & SPANISH

Students in all three primary classes receive a weekly Spanish lesson that provides not only instruction, but also the introduction of culture works, manipulatives, that students can use to continue their learning. Lead Teachers often take these weekly lessons and incorporate words and songs into their circle times.

lower elementary & SPANISH

Full Spanish immersion takes place twice a week in SSM's Lower Elementary Class. Students will work within smaller cohorts determined by their academic level, and work towards reading, writing and speaking in Spanish. Mrs. Lorena Luna will be the class's full time teacher's assistant as well as SSM's Spanish Teacher providing additional opportunity for this group of student to grow in fluency.

Additionally, Lead Teacher, Mrs. Stephanie Chappell is passionate about the world and will be guiding students in basic vocabulary of up to nine other languages.

Why is learning in multiple languages important?

Most of us in the United States don’t start learning additional languages until middle school or college. Recent studies are showing that the best time to pick up a new language is when we are very young. Learning another language will assist students in their confidence, understanding of the world and potentially lead to greater success in their future.

Mrs. Luna, native of Mexico, has been working with students for over ten years. She is not only fluent, but exceptional at inspiring students to learn and grow in new ways. She works with Lead Teachers to ensure lesson plans are developmentally appropriate for each class and to tweek culture works so that students of all ages can enjoy.